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She's a Fox is a 2009 semi-autobiographical short film written and directed by Cameron Sawyer. It stars Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld. The story follows sixth-grader Cameron Sawyer as he pursues the most popular girl in his elementary school.


Sixth-grader Cameron Sawyer is a member of a gang of "bad boys" who constantly terrorize the other kids at their school. Though Cameron acts tough in front of his friends, he has a crush on Talia Alden, a classmate who has been dating a boy named Jake Magnum since second grade. After being ignored by Talia, Cameron decides to leave his gang and abandon his mullet in pursuit of Talia. After some time trying to get Talia to notice him, Cameron wins the school "Fun Run", beating Jake and gaining her attention.

At a party, Cameron is asked what he thinks of Talia. After praying to God for guidance, he finally says, "She's a fox". Talia and Cameron begin to date, and their first kiss is captured in a photo booth. One day Cameron, Talia, and their friends are running when they are ambushed by Cameron's old gang, led by his former best friend Mitch. The gang eggs Cameron and his friends. While he tries to stand up to Mitch, Cameron is immediately defeated.

After the confrontation, Talia breaks up with Cameron. He goes to her house to talk to her but leaves when he finds her with Jake. The film ends with Cameron biking away while "Love Hurts" by Nazareth plays.


  • Jake Nutty as Cameron Sawyer
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Talia Alden
  • Anthony Matthew Scott as Mitch Fallin
  • Troy Romzek as Jake Magnum
  • Stephanie Drapeau as Mrs. Woodhouse
  • Cameron Sawyer as Himself/Narrator
  • Erin Sossamon as Amber McMillan
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