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Seventeen is an American magazine for teenagers. The magazine's reader base is 10-to-21-year-old females. It began as a publication geared towards inspiring teen girls to become model workers and citizens. Soon after its debut, Seventeen took a more fashion and romance-oriented approach in presenting its material while promoting self-confidence in young women. It was first published in September 1944 by Walter Annenberg's Triangle Publications. Hailee Steinfeld appeared in Seventeen on September 2016


The actress and singer opened up for Seventeen magazine's September issue, along the way revealing the pair doesn't hang out that often.
"I think people think we spend a lot more time together than we actually do!" Steinfeld said. However, the Pitch Perfect 2 star's admission isn't reason to sound the alarm on Swift's famous friends.
Hailee then followed up, "She's amazing, though."
Hailee Steinfeld is grateful she's been able to move on from a painful past plagued by constant bullying. In fact, the 19-year-old revealed she went to school every day with a threatening target on her head.
"There was a period of time where every morning at 7:02, I'd get a prank phone call at my house," she explained to the mag. "That's how I'd start every day, with a threat saying, 'Come to school now. We're going to kick your butt.'"
To hide from bullies Hailee says, "So I went to school early and went in the back way. And there would be times when I'd come back to my desk and have hand sanitizer all over my books and in my water bottle. People would come by and slam my locker shut when I was still putting my books in it. It was just the most absurd things that you are supposed to see only in the movies."