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This wiki has a staffs to help all the wiki users to edit.


We have 2 staffs right now, 2 admins. If you want to become a staff of this wiki, read the Apply for Staff first and then sent a message to I Love Blue 02's message wall.


There are no inactive staffs.


There are no excused staff.


There are 2 active staffs.

  • I Love Blue 02 - Bureaucrat (admin) and has a total edits of Special:Editcount/I Love Blue 02. This staff is ACTIVE.
  • NestorCastH123 - Bureaucrat (founder) and has total edits of Special:Editcount/NestorCastH123. This staff is ACTIVE.

Staff Inactive

If a staff is inactive in 3 or more months he/she will gonna be demoted. If a staff is inactive for 3 or more months and don't want to be demoted, just leave a message to the other admins that is active. The staff who was leave a message to an active admin will be add on the excuse section.