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Hailee Steinfeld Wiki is a wiki format to the American singer, actress and model Hailee Steinfeld. The wiki is founded on May 17, 2016 and founded by NestorCastH123. There's only 2 pages in the wiki before. It was Love Myself and Rock Bottom and the pages are unfinished. I Love Blue 02 found this wiki and start editing. She found that the founder of this wiki is inactive and then sent a request to wikia to adopt this wiki. Later, the wikia give admin and bureaucrat rights to I Love Blue 02. The favicon, background image, wordmark and many others change. NestorCastH123, the founder of the wiki is now back! NestorCastH123, Welcome Back!


This wiki is now accepting staffs. Since the wiki is adopted by I Love Blue 02, she needs your help. To apply, read the Apply for Staff, next, send the Questions & Application to the lead admin's message wall, answer it first, then, wait til I Love Blue 02's reply if you're accept or not.